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Sabal Island

Oil on Canvas

36 x 24 in

Signed James Hutchinson

Dated 2018


Please contact Mr. Kelly Hutchinson for details.

Telephone (512) 767 4990 


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Keeping the Beat at the Backus Studio, 1951

Crossing the boundaries between race and color music was a great outlet for many artist. Although jazz music was common at the Backus studio in the 1950's, hosting social engagements with mixed race was not yet common in the time of segregation. While the police were known to occasionally break up parties and gatherings, the studio was a haven where the "Backus Brats" found social and artistic freedom early on.

James Hutchinson on the drums with friends at the A.E. Backus home in Fort Pierce, 1951.

Photo curtesy of Mrs. Ora Wiley 

James F. Hutchinson interviewed

for PBS Galleries show.

James Hutchinson’s Florida art was inspired from his time living with the Seminole Indian tribes on the Brighton reservation in Florida where James and his wife, Joanie, lived with the Seminole people for six years. His art has become known worldwide for their portrayal of Florida and its Heritage.

James Hutchinson interviewed for PBS, WUCF, Galleries Program. >>>

Certificates of Authenticity

We are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for Letters or Certificates of Authenticity, for which we have set up the following guidelines:

We request that you send us the following images of the work;

• Overall image including frame

• Detail image of Signature and Date (if any)

• Images of any possible markings on the back of the canvas and frame.

Price for each Letter of Authenticity is $150 USD.
Please send requests by email to

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Telephone (512) 767 4990 


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