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Silent Camp, The Royal Poinciana

Oil on Canvas | 40 x 60 in. | 2012 

Painted in 2012 Silent Camp has been in Hutchinson's personal studio collection. Capturing the quintessential Florida scene, Silent Camp, features many of the elements that distinguishes Hutchinson's landscape paintings; Florida marsh land, a Royal Poinciana, Native dugout, and a thatched hut.

Recognized for his work on Brighton and Big Cypress Reservations, Hutchinson's paintings depicting the life and views of the Florida Seminole Tribes is historically significant and unique to the artist.

SILENT CAMP, ROYAL POINCIANA | Oil on canvas | 40 x 60 In.

Jupiter Island, FL

Oil on Canvas | 18 x 24 in. | 2017

Jupiter Island is one of Floridas hidden natural treasures.

The turquoise waters of the Gulf Stream flows near shore, providing nutrient rich waters for marine life. The beaches are home to thousands of turtles, Loggerheads and Leatherbacks, who use the Gulf Stream to navigate back to the same beaches year after year. 

Having grown up along these shores, I have painted several beach scenes on "The Island" and one of my paintings hangs at the Town Hall. There is something special about the place, and I look forward to visiting it soon again.

Dragon's Head Bay, Jamaica - SOLD

Giclee Print with Acrylic Enhanced | 16 x 20 in. 


During the 1960's James Hutchinson and A.E. "Beanie" Backus painted in many of same locations. Hutchinson's sister Patricia was married to Backus and two families would travel together both in Florida and the Caribbean.

Dragon Head Bay is a small outpost along the Jamaican coastline near Montego Bay where Backus had acquired a small property. The view of the bay has been captured by both artists as they would frequently sit side by side and paint during their travels.

This is a recent work from the Artist Studio. Please see tear sheet for full size image and details.


Certificates of Authenticity

We are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for Letters or Certificates of Authenticity, for which we have set up the following guidelines:

We request that you send us the following images of the work;

• Overall image including frame

• Detail image of Signature and Date (if any)

• Images of any possible markings on the back of the canvas and frame.

Price for each Letter of Authenticity is $150 USD.
Please send requests by email to

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