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Capturing the vanishing landscape of Florida for over seven decades.

After receiving his first commission in 1948, James Hutchinson began his lifelong devotion to the arts. Much of his time was spent studying the people and the beauty of Florida’s natural surroundings, including living with the Seminole Indian Tribe for six years. As a result of his intimate understanding of the people and places of Florida, James was chosen to represent the State of Florida during the World’s Fair in New York City in 1965. In March 2011, James was inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame.


“James Frederick Hutchinson is an artist whose work evokes the native soul of Florida.

His long years of bringing our natural and historical landscapes to his easel, has forever placed these images in a context where our descendants will be able to appreciate the state’s many wonders."

- Dawn K. Roberts

Secretary of State, Interim, Florida, 2010 - 2011

Hunters Camp
Summer Camp
Savanna Orchid
Savanna Island
Savanna Squall
Jupiter Island - SOLD
Silent Camp
James F Hutchinson
James F Hutchinson
James Hutchinson
James F Hutchinson
James F Hutchinson


Seminole Years

The Recording of History 

Inspired by the work of George Catlin (1796 – 1872), Hutchinson realized the opportunity to live among the Florida Seminole tribes in 1959. Hutchinson spent six years with his wife Joan, living and recording the surroundings and life of the Miccosukee and Muscogee Indians at Brighton and Big Cypress reservations. 

Befriending the tribe leaders and participating in their way of life, Hutchinson painted portraits and landscapes during a transitional period in the ways of these tribes. 

Hutchinson work with the Native tribes was selected to represent the State of Florida at the New York Worlds Fair in 1964.

Annie Tommie (Panther)_edited
Lucy Tiger
Young Annie Tommie_James Hutchinson
Matriarch (Cypress Camp)

Certificates of Authenticity

We are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for Letters or Certificates of Authenticity, for which we have set up the following guidelines:

We request that you send us the following images of the work;

• Overall image including frame

• Detail image of Signature and Date (if any)

• Images of any possible markings on the back of the canvas and frame.

Price for each Letter of Authenticity is $150 USD.
Please send requests by email to

James Hutchinson Signature 2017.png
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